Thursday, April 16, 2009

X-Weighted Obsession/My Own Weightloss Journey Begins...

I stumbled across this programme called X-Weighted a couple of years back, and I loved the format of it and found it very motivating! Much to my utter joy, I found out they had a new series being shown on Sky Real Lives channel. Basically it features a new person every episode, and begins with a bit of their background. Then, Paul turns up (usually in shorts or a lycra top of some description)

So, in this picture, his outfit isn't particularly body-hugging, but it is usually!!

Paul measures their body and weighs them then they are whisked off to do the fitness test! So they puff and pant to the finish line, after bunny-hops, tyre-flips and numerous stand up-lie downs! (I'm outta breath just watching those poor souls!). Then, Paul goes round to their house with a big ol' bin bag and basically throws the entire contents of their fridge, freezer and cupboards in it! It then follows that person in their weightloss journey i.e. early morning gym trips, personal trainer sessions, aerobics classes etc etc. Then some funky music comes on and that signalls the arrival of Fred, who in the early series was a hairstylist, but is now a self-esteem expert?! He comes along and does some wardrobe cleansing, as well as offering some self-esteem advice i.e. positive thinking, and more cliches than you could shake a stick at!

At the 3 month point, the person does a mid-point weigh in. It's all smoky and atmospheric as the person walks slowly towards the scales! They usually set themselves a high weightloss goal, 60+ pounds over a 6-month period, so this is the tell-tale point to see if the pounds are coming off! Needless to say, most are disapointed but Paul gives them a little pep-talk and they are off again!

It's more footage of their journey, where you start to see their lives being turned around and their waists shrinking! Tonight's episode featured a girl whose goal was to climb the CN Tower (all 1779 steps!) so Paul took her to Niagara Falls (with me shouting at the TV "been there!", "saw that!") and told her they would be climbing up a smaller tower. She really struggled and I wasn't sure if she would manage the CN Tower! But, to my amazement, she did it!

At the end of the programme, they do a final weigh-in and measurments, with teary-eyed loved ones standing alongside. Then they do a before and after shot, and there's always a noticeable improvement!

Then it's back to improve upon the fitness test, which they always do! Then cue more funky music, on comes Fred and transforms them into a glamourpuss!

I LOVE it! If you haven't seen it, it's on Sky Real Lives in the UK, and probably available in the US/Canada (where it's made) too!

Sorry for the random post, but I had to share!

My own wightloss journey begins tomorrow, i'm joining Weight Watchers! Stay tuned for that!

Heather xx


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  1. I wanted so bad to get on a weightloss show, i looked into the biggest loser imma check this one out too now, thanks!! By the way I started blogging too...So check it out!!


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