Friday, April 3, 2009

Men you really shouldn't...but do!

So I was browsing Google Reader and came across Laura's blog. She had responded to a Tag of celebrity men you have a crush on and, in particular, ones that are embarrassing, shameful and just downright wrong! I have a fair few, so here goes...

Donal MacIntyre. So not typically a hunk, but the sight of him flexing his muscles in those tight, rhinestone-spangled outfits of Dancing on Ice made me go weak at the knees!

Owen Wilson. So, Owen isn't exactly the hottest crumpet in the..err..bread bin?! But he has a witty, dry sense of humour, which is very appealing in a man!

Robert DeNiro. Right, so he is getting on a bit, but I reckon he oozes sex-appeal!

Richard Gere. In the film An Officer and a Gentleman, he wears this tight white naval uniform, and he is a serious hottie! I couldn't find any pictures to show this, but here is a video clip of the film. Ooooft!

Alan Dale. Okay, so in my youth, Alan Dale was better known as Jim Robinson in Neighbours. But age has really agreed with him and in Lost he is a hot baddie!

I'd love to see who you really shouldn't...but do!!

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  1. I love Owen Wilson and Richard Gere. Aaaaah! Owen Wilson though...yes. I loves him :D


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