Thursday, April 23, 2009

Going Up and Down #2

Going Up
  • MAC Palettes. Got one this week and then depotted all my shadows (well, all 9 of them!) Loves it!
  • Miss Sporty Nail polishes. I got them on offer, 3 for 2, and they are great quality for being so cheap. In particular I love Salsa, which is a hot red-coral - the perfect Summer colour!
  • Make Up Buying Amnesty. For the next month or so i'm going to try not to buy any make-up. It will be very difficult! I sat and looked through all of my make-up and put in a box all of the products I haven't used yet...the box was overflowing...
Going Down
  • YouTube Drama. There seems to be a lot of bitching going on in YT at the moment. It is totally un-neccessary. Please stop!
  • Thinking I had bought the light green Barry M nail polish that looks like MAC Peppermint Pattie, then realising it was the wrong one! I wanted 304, I got 290! Argh!
  • Sunburn. Sat out on Sunday and came in to discover my skin was an unflattering shade of red. In my (weak) defence, we don't see the sun a lot in Scotland, so when it does come out, we tend to go a bit's in the genes!
Until next time

Heather xx


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  2. I did exactly the same with the Barry M nail polish! 290 is still pretty though :)

  3. I know this sounds weird but i got a maybe dupe for peppermint pattie yesterday from Asda George make up range. Cant remember the colour but its £1.49 and with a good top coat on top is great! Looks fab in drizzle not so sure!!


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