Friday, July 30, 2010

Me On TV!

Sorry for my lack of posts I just haven't had a spare minute!

Just a quick post to say that I will be appearing (briefly) on BBC1 on Monday 2nd August at 10.30pm on a programme called 'Gears and Tears'. Some if you may know that I'm into Stock Car Racing (which couldn't be further removed from mascara and lipgloss!) and my friend and I were interviewed as part if the programme! The programme basically follows 2 rival stock car families throughout a season if racing. I really think it will appeal to everyone as it is more an insight into the 2 families and not just race footage (cue bitchy wives, building tension, humour and tears..)! Who knows, it might even inspire you to seek out your local track and watch the racing in the flesh - if only to check out the hit men in tight racing overalls (or is that just me?!)

Anyway, I really hope you can tune in for my 10 seconds of fame! Tell your hubbys, dads, uncles, brothers, friends and neighbours as it's gonna be a cracking bit of telly not to be missed! Then you'll know what I get up to at the weekends! :D

Watch a preview if the programme at or see my last post which us a link to the YouTube video (for those outside the UK)



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Gears & Tears, BriSCA F1 Stock Car Documentary BBC1 Mondays 2235hrs

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