Sunday, March 1, 2015

Loreal Infallible Matte 24 Hours

I first learned about this foundation when Sam Schuerman raved about it recently and I pretty much dismissed it as being one of the many products which never make it across to the UK.  So imagine my delight when I found myself (read: made a beeline) for the beauty aisle in Tesco and saw it sitting on the stand!  Day -made.  No seriously, it was a slow Saturday.  It was only £5.99, which I assume was an introductory price, so if you're curious about this product, I suggest you hot foot it down to Tesco soon.  

It claims to wear for 24 hours.  That's nice an' all, but where will it end with these ridiculous claims? 72 hour wear?! We will have to have the damn thing surgically removed from our faces next!

I really like the packaging; it's easy to control how much you use by squeezing out the products and it also has a narrow nozzle so there's no mess or overspill.  I picked up shade 20 - Sand, which would be suitable for those around a MAC NC25.  The foundation has a fairly firm consistency and I assumed that when I applied it, it would be full coverage.  But, it actually applies to a medium coverage which can be built up where needed.  I noticed that it doesn't become matte until it had dried down, which happens after about 5 minutes.  True to the claims, when it did dry down the finish was perfectly matte but I did find that I needed to add a bit of 'life' back into my skin with some strategically placed highlighter.  

Let's have look at some pictures.  The first is bare-faced (eek!), the second with all make up applied and the third is after about 8 hours, just to show how it wears after a significant amount of time.

Sorry for the extreme close-up in the last photo, but I wanted to get close in so you could see if the foundation had slipped or faded.  It does seem to have rubbed off slightly round my nose if I'm being uber critical, but apart from that it held up well and still looked good.  The finish changed from matte to more natural and skin-like, but without any oiliness.  If you're looking for a fairly affordable, long-wearing foundation you just might like this!
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