Monday, August 31, 2015

First Wedding Anniversary

Darren and I celebrated our 1st Wedding Anniversary on Saturday and after much stressing about not being able to find a lodge with a hot tub (got to be done!), we ended up booking a glamping pod in Aberfeldy.  The word 'glamping' is far too similar to 'camping' for my liking, so I was a bit apprehensive...a girl needs her straighteners and I wasn't keen on traipsing off to a communal toilet block in the middle of the night for a wee!

Alas, I needn't have worried, because our super little pod had plug sockets aplenty and it's own real, full-size, actual flushing toilet and shower inside!  

We set off after work on Friday, and after the most beautiful scenic drive through the hills, we made our way up the dirt track towards our home for the weekend perched up on the hillside.  Our first task was to get the fire pit lit and get our burgers cooking - we were both starving!  We sat and ate outside with the sky gradually growing dark and the only sounds being the crackling of the logs on the fire and the odd sheep making it's presence known.  The rest of the evening was spent sipping on Prosecco before retiring to the pod where we cranked up the stereo system and sang and danced at the top of our voices until the wee small hours!

The next morning we woke up and got the fire going again for breakfast of buttermilk pancakes and lovely crispy bacon.  I was sure the pancakes cooked on the fire would be disastrous but they were actually really lovely!  We opened all of our anniversary cards and teared up over all the kind words and sat reminiscing about our wedding day last year.  Then we leisurely got ourselves ready and headed out towards Loch Tay for the day.  I was keen to rent a little motor boat and explore the Loch but Darren chose that particular moment to tell me he was afraid of deep water and, seeing the fear in his eyes, that idea was quickly scrapped.  Instead we just walked around the pretty little village of Kenmore which sits right on the banks of Loch Tay.  

We had our anniversary meal at The Three Lemons in Aberfeldy and would highly recommend it - especially for their wood-fired die for!  Then it was back to our pod for s'mores on the fire and yet more Prosecco.  It was such a peaceful, chilled out night round the fire.

The next day rolled around and it was time for us to get packed up and head home.  We were pretty sad to be leaving behind this idyllic little place, but I guess only experiencing nice things like this once in a while makes them all the sweeter?  

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