Friday, May 4, 2012

I got me some Inglot!!!

I must be becoming a proper beauty blogger, because I refused to use these eyeshadows until I had taken pictures of them all! Which, by the way, has taken almost a week because every time I went to take pictures it was cloudy or dark!
So, last weekend I persuaded Darren to go to Aberdeen! What I said: "let's go on a road trip! We can have a mooch round the shops". What I meant: "I would like to go to Aberdeen so I can go to Inglot!"
Anyway, enough of my babbling! Let's take a look at what I picked up, shall we?

The large, round eyeshadows along the top were on sale at £2 each and the square pans were £4.50 each! I didn't bother getting a palette as I have a Z Palette to store them in.
And now, the swatches...

I made a slight swatch faux-pas as I swatched the purples in the wrong order! So, the round pans are, top to bottom: 377M, 379M, 426P, 385M

Left to right: 338M and 388M

Left to right: 433P, 395M, AMC10

Left to right: 352M, 399P, 440P
Jeez! It would be so much easier if the shadows had names instead of numbers!!
I am loving them so far! I had a play with some colours last night and here's what I can up with!

So pretty! Some of those colours are insanely pigmented! They are also super smooth. I'm looking forward to using them some more to see how they wear then I'll probably put up a review on them. If there are any of the colours you'd like to see individual reviews on please leave a comment below!
Have you tried Inglot? Any recommendations?
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