Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bronzed Make Up

I have this theory.  My theory is that Scotland is edging ever closer to the North Pole.  Take today as an example  beautiful sunny skies peppered with light fluffy clouds.  I stepped out of the house with short sleeves, not entirely inappropriate given this it's almost June, and almost got frostbite by the time I walked to the care.  Well I say walk, but I was in a fully-blown sprint when I realised how cold it was.  Seriously weather, if you could just crank up the temperature by a few degrees, i'd really appreciate it.
So I have decided that if the actual sun isn't going to actually stick around long enough to give me a bit of colour, then I might as well crack out the fake tan, and give myself a Summer-appropriate face of make-up.

I used the last few drops of my Ideal Flawless foundation by Avon, which feels really lightweight yet gives a decent amount of coverage.  I skipped bronzer, and popped on MAC Mineralise Blush in Warm Soul.  This blush and tanned skin go together beautifully to give a healthy natural flush, plus it has a slightly sheeny finish without being garish (*ahem* Sleek Rose Gold *ahem*).  I dusted a little No 7 Vital Enlightening Highlighting Powder over the tops of my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose and on my cupid's bow to amp up the glow factor.  This product was limited edition, but it's a pretty standard off-white pearly shade.

I found my MUA Heaven and Earth palette hanging around in the back of my make-up drawer and created a fuss-free bronze-y eye, before lining my eyes with Loreal Perfect Slim Liner and applying lashings (get it??) of Loreal Mega Volume Collagen Mascara.  To finish off I applied Revlon Lip Butter in Crème Brule, which gives a hint of shine and colour, but without being heavy or sticky.
So, if you've got a bit of warm sun where you are; a: get out there and enjoy it and b: I'm totally and unashamedly jealous.
And if I see a polar bear I'll let you know.


Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lust list #1

Lust list #1

This is a first for me, but I enjoy these kinds of posts.  I've also got those skint-before-payday blues so thought a spot of virtual hauling may cheer me up!

Normally i'm not sucked up to the BB/CC hype, they always seem like glorified tinted moisturisers.  However, I've seen some decent reviews of this and now I want to try it.  For reference, i'll probably hate it!

2.  Living Proof Prime can't find a UK stockist *cries*
Not a brand I have heard much about, but again this product is popping up on a few blogs and those who used it seem to think it does extend their styles.  I'm not sure my hair has a style at the moment, but if it extends my time between washes then i'm sold.

The beauty of these products makes me want to weep.  I mean, look at them, all tempting like little pots of make-up art.  Need to get my mitts on these before they dissapear.

Somehow this totally bypassed me when it was released, nut i'm a big fan of the film and an even bigger fan of nail polish, so it's meant to be, no?

Have slipped another nail polish into the list as, for some reason, i've been looking for a lavendar polish.  I already have a couple from this range and the formula is good, so this is next in my basket.

Hope you enjoyed this post.  Let me know what you're lusting after and link me up!


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kiehl's Facial Fuel No Shine Lip Balm

I am a lip chewer. It's a horrible habit but I do pull dry skin off my lips with my teeth. I know, it's disgusting! In order to keep my habit at bay, I try to keep my lips coated in some kind of gloss, lipstick or balm for the most part.

This Kiehl's Facial Fuel Lip Balm was an impulse purchase before getting on our flight back from Florida. My lips were really dry and I just wanted something to slick on during the flight. I didn't give it much consideration (as our flight had been called) and popped it in my basket!
What I love about this product is the way it makes my lips feel. It hydrates without being gloopy, claggy or sticky and it is ultra lightweight on the lips. At the same time, it quenches the lips and leaves them beautifully soft. I am also a fan of twist-up lip balms, there so much easier for on-the-go application, plus there is no dipping of the fingers into the pot to worry my germ-phobic self about. I honestly didn't have high hopes for this because lets face it, judging by the packaging it could be any old 99p lip balm. Yup, I'm a total packaging snob and I don't care who knows it! Ha!

It's also great for applying before drying lipsticks to keep them hydrated, or even to apply over a matter lipstick to make it more comfortable to wear.

This is a permanent fixture in my bag now and I think I'd go as far as to say that this is my favourite lip balm. For now anyway.

Well, I am a beauty blogger!

Available from the Kiehl's website, currently priced at £8.00


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ice Cream Nails

I've never thought of myself as a pastel girl; be that clothes, accessories or indeed nail polish.  However, whilst rummaging through my polish stash I came across this pretty lot!  These are polishes that I reach for often, whatever the season but as they are particularly relevant now as we head towards the warmer weather, I thought i'd share them with you.
Sally Hansen - Mousseline
From her Complete Salon Manicure range, this is the perfect creamy vanilla colour.  The formula here is slightly on the thinner side so it does take 3-4 coats to build an opaque colour.  Once painted though, it gives your nails a fresh, clean look.

Models Own - Lemon Meringue
Such an apt name for this creamy, milky shade.  There is a definite softness in the hue, it's not neon or garish.  I recently bought Essie's matte top coat and, for some reason, I can't wait to pair it with this.  The formula is quite decent too, and 2 coats are plenty.

Barbara Daly - Peach Satin
Unfortunately, this picture is showing this colour much cooler and pinker than it is in real life.  It has a definite apricot-ness while still being soft and pastelly.  This would also need a good 2-3 coats to be fully opaque.

Color Club - Get a Clue (maybe)
Now, I picked this polish up as part of a set from TK Maxx.  None of the colours had names on them so I did a good amount of image searching on Google and I think this is Get a Clue from the Alter Ego Collection, it certainly seems closest.  This colour lies right, slap bang in-between pink and lavender, depending on the light.  It's sheer though, and needs a good 3-4 coats.

NYC - Mint Macaroon
Oh, the name!  Any kind of macaroon is good in my book!  This is one of my most used nail polishes, it just such a flattering, pretty colour.  Plus, it looks amazing with a chunky glitter top coat.  The formula is excellent for the price, 2 coats is enough.

Barry M Gelly - Blueberry
I didn't get sucked into the blogger hype about these at first, I figured that I always use a top coat anyway so didn't have much need for a super shiny finish.  However, it was this particular shade that drew me in; it's a powdery-periwinkle blue and so unlike any other colour I own.  I have found that 2 coats of this is enough.

These are all such cheery colours, you can't fail to feel a little bit happy wearing them!

Take care,

Heather x
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