Thursday, April 16, 2009

Going Up and Down #1


Going Up
  • Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud False Lashes! OMG these are amazing, I keep taking them out of the box! I want them all!
  • 2true Lip and Cheek Tint. It's a steal at £1.91 and is a gorgeous raspberry pink colour!
  • Massive Youtube Contest! Keep your eyes and ears peeled people, it's gonna be H.U.G.E. Check out natneagle's blog for more info!
Going Down
  • Lack of Spring weather. There are lots of grey skies..hurry up Spring!
  • China Glaze Purple Rain. Is it just mine or does this go on very dull unless you put a top coat on...not impressed!
  • Lack of motivation to start re-decorating my!
Heather xx

1 comment

  1. ok 5th time ive heard about them damm eyelashes, now i gotta have!! By the way I started blogging too...So check it out!!


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