Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Blogmas Day 8 | Black Friday Puchases

Black Friday is a new phenomenon here in the UK and has only really taken off in the last couple of years.  You'd be fooled, by the title of this post, to think that it's something I look forward to, but it's not.  I can't help but feel that it's all a bit of a front, 50% off (but look closely for the teeny tiny "up to" which prefixes it), or a couple of brilliant deals to dangle the carrot and get you through the door/on the site and then only marginal discounts on the majority of stuff.

But, this isn't a post about how much I dislike Black Friday.  It's a post about what I bought from the Black Friday deals.  I know, I know..I'm a hypocrite!

I placed an order with Beauty Bay, who were offering 20% off.  The package only arrived a few days ago, so I thought I would share my first impressions.

I first heard about this product when Kate La Vie raved about it.  Deep conditioners are 10 a penny and finding a decent one is really hard, I've found.  I have now used this a couple of times and must say that so far, I'm impressed.  First of all the packaging is so simple, and I love the fact it has a pump.  There is nothing worse that trying to get the cap back on a bottle with a hand full of conditioner!  I have been using 3-4 pumps and this is ample for my shoulder length hair.  I have noticed that my hair has more of a shine and feels incredibly soft, and not weighed down at all.

I am in the midst of a full-blown candle obsession.  I have heard good things about Voluspa candles and when I saw the discount it was a no-brainer.  The scent is Spruce Cuttings, which is like Christmas tree in a candle; it's woody and 'green' and oh so festive.  The metal tin is also gorgeous..I'm such a sucker for packaging!

Colleen Rothschild Clarifying Detox Mask
I lay the blame for this product squarely with MsGoldGirl.  She raves about this brand on her daily vlogs, so when I spied that this was discounted, it went right in my basket.  I love using masks in the Winter; home from work, into my PJ's, mask on, feet up...bliss!  I tried this for the first time last night and it is essentially a clay-based mask which gradually hardens as it dries.  It is packed with charcoal and kaolin clay to help draw out impurities, and micronised silver which keeps bacteria at bay.  It also contains glycolic acid so has exfoliating properties.  After I rinsed it off my skin feels very smooth and not at all irritated.  I think this is the type of mask which needs used on a fairly regular basis (the packing suggests 2-3 times per week) to really reap the benefits so in the run up to Christmas I plan to make a concerted effort to get my skin in tip top shape.

Did you pick anything up during Black Friday?

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