Thursday, December 10, 2015

Blogmas Day 10 | Party Prep Essentials

I almost enjoy getting ready for a party more than the actual party, is that weird?  Probably.  I love a good pamper session and there's not always the time (or inclination) to indulge in said pamper session on a 'normal' day, so a night on the town is all the excuse I need.

I have pulled together a few worthy essentials that I will be relying on to help me look my best in the festive season.

The perfect manicure is an essential stage of the getting ready process.  I have been using the Essence The Gel Nail Base Coat and Top Coat for a while now and can't quite believe how good it is at creating a glossy manicure and being incredibly long-lasting.  The magic comes from using both the base and top coat, which somehow bond together with your desired nail colour sandwiched in between to create a gel-like finish - but without the expense, curing and ridic removal process.

Having a bit of a tanned glow at this time of the year isn't a bad idea either.  I was recently sent the Crazy Angel Midnight Kiss Self Tan Lotion to try out.  It doesn't contain alcohol, parabens or mineral oil and has a really subtle yet pleasant scent to it.  I applied before bed and in the morning it had developed to an even and pretty natural-looking colour.  They also sent the Supreme Goddess Tan Extender which contains a small amount of tanning agent to help with that awkward phase where your tan begins to fade, evening everything out.

My hair needs a fair bit of styling product in it before it'll do what I want it to do.  My normal going-out style is adding a bit of texture and movement with some loose curls, courtesy of my GHD's.  I really enjoy using the Loreal Studio Line TXT Wave Creating Spray on damp hair.  It adds a bit of hold and texture to my hair and helps the curls last all night.  I also use it on my finished style for a bit of extra texture and definition, which it does without feeling crispy or sticky.

What are your party prep essentials?

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