Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lust list #1

Lust list #1

This is a first for me, but I enjoy these kinds of posts.  I've also got those skint-before-payday blues so thought a spot of virtual hauling may cheer me up!

Normally i'm not sucked up to the BB/CC hype, they always seem like glorified tinted moisturisers.  However, I've seen some decent reviews of this and now I want to try it.  For reference, i'll probably hate it!

2.  Living Proof Prime can't find a UK stockist *cries*
Not a brand I have heard much about, but again this product is popping up on a few blogs and those who used it seem to think it does extend their styles.  I'm not sure my hair has a style at the moment, but if it extends my time between washes then i'm sold.

The beauty of these products makes me want to weep.  I mean, look at them, all tempting like little pots of make-up art.  Need to get my mitts on these before they dissapear.

Somehow this totally bypassed me when it was released, nut i'm a big fan of the film and an even bigger fan of nail polish, so it's meant to be, no?

Have slipped another nail polish into the list as, for some reason, i've been looking for a lavendar polish.  I already have a couple from this range and the formula is good, so this is next in my basket.

Hope you enjoyed this post.  Let me know what you're lusting after and link me up!


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