Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Ice Cream Nails

I've never thought of myself as a pastel girl; be that clothes, accessories or indeed nail polish.  However, whilst rummaging through my polish stash I came across this pretty lot!  These are polishes that I reach for often, whatever the season but as they are particularly relevant now as we head towards the warmer weather, I thought i'd share them with you.
Sally Hansen - Mousseline
From her Complete Salon Manicure range, this is the perfect creamy vanilla colour.  The formula here is slightly on the thinner side so it does take 3-4 coats to build an opaque colour.  Once painted though, it gives your nails a fresh, clean look.

Models Own - Lemon Meringue
Such an apt name for this creamy, milky shade.  There is a definite softness in the hue, it's not neon or garish.  I recently bought Essie's matte top coat and, for some reason, I can't wait to pair it with this.  The formula is quite decent too, and 2 coats are plenty.

Barbara Daly - Peach Satin
Unfortunately, this picture is showing this colour much cooler and pinker than it is in real life.  It has a definite apricot-ness while still being soft and pastelly.  This would also need a good 2-3 coats to be fully opaque.

Color Club - Get a Clue (maybe)
Now, I picked this polish up as part of a set from TK Maxx.  None of the colours had names on them so I did a good amount of image searching on Google and I think this is Get a Clue from the Alter Ego Collection, it certainly seems closest.  This colour lies right, slap bang in-between pink and lavender, depending on the light.  It's sheer though, and needs a good 3-4 coats.

NYC - Mint Macaroon
Oh, the name!  Any kind of macaroon is good in my book!  This is one of my most used nail polishes, it just such a flattering, pretty colour.  Plus, it looks amazing with a chunky glitter top coat.  The formula is excellent for the price, 2 coats is enough.

Barry M Gelly - Blueberry
I didn't get sucked into the blogger hype about these at first, I figured that I always use a top coat anyway so didn't have much need for a super shiny finish.  However, it was this particular shade that drew me in; it's a powdery-periwinkle blue and so unlike any other colour I own.  I have found that 2 coats of this is enough.

These are all such cheery colours, you can't fail to feel a little bit happy wearing them!

Take care,

Heather x

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