Sunday, May 30, 2010

Lovea Shine Shampoo Review

I have been sent some products from to try out. I am really excited as I love to try new stuff! I don't know about you, but long-winded reviews bore me to tears! I will try to standarise these reviews as much as possible to give you the info you need without sending you to sleep!

First up is Lovea Shine Shampoo 200ml £4.99 Purchase here

What is says on the bottle:
Shine Shampoo with Argan oil from Morocco LOVEA BIO shine shampoo, brings health and vitality to dull, lifeless hair.

This shampoo has a clear, quite runny consistency. I have fairly oily hair and found that upon first application there wasn't much of a lather. It has a light citrusy scent which is very pleasant and not overpowering.

I used this shampoo over a period of 2 weeks. I shampoo my hair twice and then follow with conditioner. This product left my hair feeling clean but I was also able to run my fingers through my wet hair which I could not do with my regular shampoo. s a result I felt I needed less conditioner.

When I styled my hair I did find that appeared generally more shiny. I did feel that my hair got oily quicker with this shampoo.

Final Thoughts:
I like the concept of this product and the fact that it contains Argan Oil which seems to be a very popular ingredient at the moment. I would not neccessarily say this shampoo would be best suited to someone with oily hair however I will continue to use this once a month for a 'shine boost' treat for my hair. In my opinion, this would be best suited to those with normal to dry or heat-frazzled hair.

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