Sunday, September 20, 2015

OOTD | Checks in a Corn Field

Today marks a momentous occasion indeed - my first ever outfit post!  I have umm'd and ahh'd for a long time about sharing some of my outfits on my blog, but finally decided that life really is too short to be giving it so much thought, so I put on my big girl pants and just did it!  You can imagine the look I got when I asked Darren if he would come into the field with me and take some pictures...but once I explained he reluctantly agreed, mumbling "remember I aint no David Bailey" as we walked though the corn field next to our house.

While in Glasgow yesterday I popped into Forever 21 to have a look at their plus size offerings.  I always used to get so confused with the sizing in Forever 21 when they first opened in the UK as they used US sizing which I think is 2 sizes less than ours...I think!  Thankfully, however they now have the UK sizing on the labels which makes things much more straight forward.  I spotted this checked shirt right away and fell a little bit in love with it before I even tried it on.  Annoyingly, I can't find it on the Forever21 website, although there are a couple of similar styles on there.  It's a longer length and comes with a skinny belt which makes it a bit quirky and interesting.  Today I styled it with some plain black leggings and ankle boots and also popped a vest underneath for a bit of a different look.  

I feel a bit of an OOTD fraudster as this isn't very high fashion and I don't have the perfect matching accessories but do you know what, this is real life and this is what I actually wear.  Speaking of real life, do you know how hard it is to get up onto one of those ruddy hay bales?  Nigh on impossible!  The method I used was to take a run at it (whilst trying not to break my ankle in my heels), jump up and then Darren literally manhandled me up onto the blimmin' thing while I shouted "keep pushing!" and flailed my legs around trying to get traction to push myself's all about the glamour over here!  Getting down was interesting too...

I hope you enjoyed this kind of post, and while I don't think my invite to LFW will be dropping on the doormat any time soon, I sure did enjoy my little photoshoot!

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