Friday, September 4, 2015

Bed Head Joyride

I'm really not very exciting when it comes to styling my hair.  I have very fine hair which seems to be shedding even further (eep!...but that's another post entirely) so creating some loose curls is about as fancy as it gets with me!  Styling products tends to either weigh down my fine hair or make it dry and crispy - do you feel my pain yet?  So when Bed Head got in touch to say they were launching a new product and sent me a sample, I was pretty sceptical...

Called Joyride, they describe this product as the World's first Powder Primer Balm.  It creates the perfect base layer for any style and keeps it that way. JOYRIDE primes the hair with a fine, invisible powder that adds texture and grip making styling and hold easy. So, get a grip and hold on, for the JOYRIDE of your life!

I was fairly convinced that this product would be a powder, something along the lines of the ultra-fine texturising powders so I was a little surprised when I cut open the sachet this morning to find a clear gel inside...that'll teach me to read things properly!

As instructed I applied this to clean, damp hair and concentrated on mid-lengths and ends.  Initially I was quite unimpressed as my hair didn't feel any different after applying.  I expected to feel some kind of tackiness or grit but my hair felt the same.  I went ahead and dried off my hair as I would normally - using my heat styler to smooth out my natural curls and add a bit of volume.  It was at that point that I could see that my hair had a subtle texture to it, almost like second day hair but without any oiliness.  I ran the straightener through to create a loose wave and found that I didn't need to use any of my other normal styling products to get the subtly defined waves that I tend to go for.  This product seems to have some level of hold in it, but feels like it's just your hair.  

I snapped a couple of quick selfies in the car before work, which accounts for my sleepy face!  Concentrate on the hair, people!

Hopefully this gives you an idea of the texture and lightweight-ness (yup..reckon I just made up that there word!) of the product in relation to fine haired types like myself!

I'm pleasantly surprised that I like this product, I was sure it would be too much for my hair texture.  However instead it seems to work with the texture of my hair really well.  

Bead Head Joyride is £16.95 = buy here

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