Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Random Facts About Moi!

In keeping with tradition on my blog, I'm the last blogger in the entire blogging world to do this tag! I actually started filming it for my YouTube channel and ran out of things to say by fact 2...fail! I've thought about it a bit more now so here goes...

1. I am 30 in October!!
2. I absolutely hate tomato sauce (Heinz etc), although I've never tried it
3. I once fell down a 20 foot embankment and cut my knee, the following week I feel down 2 steps and broke one ankle and badly sprained the other and ended up in hospital for 4 days!
4. Darren and I met on Facebook ❤

5. I love Stock Car Racing and travel all over the country to follow it! We even went on a road trip to Holland to watch it!
6. I'm going to Florida with Darren next week for the Daytona 500! Excited.com!
7. I have a Labrador called Holly, she doesn't live with me anymore as I can't have pets in the flat, so she stays with my mum and dad. I love her silly amounts :)

8. I'm a reformed nail biter and need to have painted nails otherwise I'd start biting them again
9. Childbirth scares me...lots!
10. My favourite season is Spring, new beginnings and all that
11. I dislike Winter and the long, dark nights
12. I have a terrible memory, I forget EVERYTHING!
13. I have a random taste in music ranging from ABBA to the Eagles, if it sounds good I like it!
14. I am scared of flying, and have to take Diazepam before I fly
15. I love being near the sea, so peaceful
16. When I was born we lived in a static caravan while our house was being built...
17. ...the sound of rain pitter-pattering on a car roof instantly calms and soothes me which probably harks back to my caravan days!
18. I've been on TV!
19. I love the Olympics and I was a steward when the Olympic torch came through our local town!

20. I am tall, almost 6ft!
21. I am quite a shy person and can be socially anxious. However, once I know someone I can chat away quite happily
22. I work in mental health
23. I am a distant relative of Ewan McGregor, true I promise! Surely that means I can knock on his door for a cuppa, right?!
24. I'm obsessed with getting Cashback on Quidco!
25. I hate being a passenger in a car but I love driving
26. I didn't try peanut butter until very recently and I. Am. Obsessed.
27. I love taking pictures of sunsets

28. I cried when I went to Barcelona and saw the Magical Fountain of Montjuïc, it was just so beautiful
29. I am terrible with money - if I have it, I'll spend it!
30. I love roller coasters and theme parks, I am a total big kid!

Hope you enjoyed this and feel free to link me up to your Random Facts posts! :)

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