Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hair History

So, i've jumped on the 'hair history' blog bandwagon. Here goes...

Unsure of the date. Probably 2000/2001. These were my pre-GHD days! Natural colour, shoulder-length with lots of layers!

May 2006. Probably the shortest my hair has been. Here it is my natural colour. I have no make-up on in this picture and it is scaring me!

August 2006. A bir longer with highlights, I like my hair here..
This is June 2008. I discoverd my straighteners were pretty much useless in the US because of voltage differences so I wore my hair curly the whole holiday. It was liberating! Here I went a bit lighter brown and I want to go back to this colour but my hairdresser says I can't...November 2008. Some loose waves and even lighter brown. Growing my hair long for June 2009.
December 2008. Extensions in! Want my hair to be this colour again!!
January 2009. Fringe and dark brown (to disguise the greys!!)


  1. I love your hair! I wish I could rock bangs like you.

  2. You look gorgeeeeeeeos in the second to last picture, LOOOOOVE your hair there!!

    You're so lucky you can rock so many different styles, you look great in all of the pictures. I don't try to many styles, since I know only a few look good on me, but I do color my hair WAY to much! I've had pretty much every color of the rainbow~ brown, black, light brown, purple, bright red, etc, etc. :)


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