Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hey lovely people!

I've been gone longer than I anticipated. We were on holiday in Florida for 2 weeks, which was utterly amazing! We were at the Daytona 500, went to the beach, screamed our heads off on the roller coasters and ate our own body weight in the most amazing food! I so did not want to come home, but I guess I had to get back to work so we can save for the next adventure, right?

Well, the most exciting thing that happened when we were on holiday...we got ENGAGED!! *happy dance*

Me and my Fiancé! I'm saying those words at every given opportunity!

It wasn't totally out of the blue, it is something we have discussed and we even chose the ring together, but Darren wanted to choose the right moment to propose. And when he got down on one knee while we were in Florida, just me and him, it was completely perfect!

My ring :)

And so the wedding planning begins! Its both exciting and overwhelming all at once, but I've been stocking up on various wedding magazines and have already seen lots of things I love!

There are lots of beauty-related posts to come, but I just wanted to share a wee bit of my happy news with you all :)

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