Friday, November 27, 2015

Milani Baked Blush - Berry Amoure

I picked up this beauty while in Florida in February.  I ummm'd and ahhh'd over which one to choose, much to Darren's annoyance ("Heather, we've been looking at the same thing for 10 minutes, just. pick. one.!" I think he said!).  The tricky thing is, that in american drugstores, they don't actually have testers, so I couldn't swatch any of them.
The shade I eventually plumped for was Berry Amoure.  It's a pretty mix of a cool-toned pink with bronze-peach marbling.  If I'm honest, I've spent many minutes admiring the prettiness of this blush in the pan.  I think i'm weak for these kinds of 'baked' products!
As you can see from the swatch'y goodness above, the colours combine to create a lovely warm-toned neutral pink with just the right amount of shimmer to impart that healthy, i've-just-been-out-for-a-brisk-walk look!

I had worried that, like the Bourjois baked blushes, these may have poor payoff, however that isn;t the case.  In fact, if anything you need to go a bit steady when swirling your brush in this, or else you'll apply far too much!  It's a lovely smooth formula which lasts a good 8 hours on me before starting to fade a little.
Here it is on my cheekies!  It's very natural in colour and texture.  I only wish I'd bought more, since these are unfortunately not available in the UK.  However, GB girlies might be able to find these in a blog sale or on eBay, so keep an eye out!

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