Thursday, October 25, 2012

Trilogy Certified Organic Rosehip Oil

I don't very often post about skincare on my blog.  I think it's because i'm not normally wow'd by such products.  So after using this little gem for over 3 months and still loving it I thought it was worthy of a blog post all of it's own.

I first heard about this product on YouTube.  The girl had suffered from acne and was left with scarring, and this was the product she swore by.  That's all the persuasion I needed so I hot-footed it to Holland and Barrett, which is one of many stockists of this product.  Here is a link.  I paid £16.55.

20ml of product doesn't seem much, but when you consider that you need only 2-3 drops per use, it really does go a long way!  I have slotted this into my night-time routine...I say slotted like it's a lengthy and complicated routine..but it isn't!  I basically cleanse as normal and while my skin is still slightly damp I apply 2 or 3 drops of the oil and massage it in for around a minute.  My reasoning behind the massage is that it'll increase my circulation and feel's nice!

One thing to be aware of is the smell.  Since this is pure, rosehippy oily goodness it doesn't have any added fragrance.  It therefore smells, to me, like vegetable oil.  At first this really bothered me, but somehow it's less noticeable now.  Just something to be aware of if you have a sensitive nose!

So what has this done for my skin?  Well after my first use I woke up to plumped up, super-soft and hydrated skin.  I honestly couldn't stop touching it!  I suffer from the odd spot or breakout, and found that this helped to fade those ugly red-brown scars more quickly.  I also fried my back a little on holiday and mixed this in with my moisturiser and it really helped to calm the skin and hydrate it.

I'm sure as we descend into Winter this product will help regulate my skin and prevent that dry, flakiness that seems to occur.

I'm very impressed with this product and i'm keen to explore the Trilogy brand further.


  1. This sounds great! I'm obsessed with skincare ;-)

    Nice review Heather!

  2. thanks for the follow! There are so many body/facial/hair oils out on the market right now it is hard to decipher what is good. I never heard of rose hip oil before, but I might go check it out now!


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