Monday, August 6, 2012

Monday Manicure!

Sorry for my absence, I have been rather obsessed with the Olympic Games and have spent a huge chunk of my free time immersing myself in London 2012 fever!
Today's mani is using a new polish I picked up from eBay. It all started with me googling 'rose gold glitter nail polish' and this little gem popped up in the image results! It's Sephora by OPI in Traffic Stopper Copper, which is a clear base packed with rose gold/copper large and small glitter particles. It is, in a word, beautiful! I suppose if you had the time, you could layer this polish until it was opaque, however my preferred way of wearing it is over another colour. I love the effect of doing this, it's like adding jewellery to your nails!
Without further ado, here are some pictures!

Do any of you have this? What colours to you wear it over? I want to experiment!! :)
Heather x



  1. This looks gorgeous! Lovely blog, stop by and check out mine :)

  2. love the glitter colour especially with the black base xxx

  3. this is real nice! xxx


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