Saturday, April 28, 2012

Review: ColourB4

Hell lovelies!

I recently tried the much talked about ColourB4 and to be honest, I didn't have that high expectations.  I thought it might strip it by a shade or 2 (my hair, at it's lightest was a warm mid-brown) but, as you'll see in both the pictures below, and the video I uploaded, I was pleasantly surprised!

Here is the before shot.
Discalimer: Yeah, I look awful in this picture and yes, those are my pyjamas...but I was unwell with the flu! :(
You may be able to see that my ends are lighter than my roots in an unintentional ombre type way!  It was a right mish-mash of colours so I thought ColourB4 would be good to strip it back and start again! does stink!  However, it's no worse than perm lotion (90's perm anyone??).  The worst part for me was definitely the rinsing!  Ughhh...maybe it was because I was unwell but afterwards I am exhausted!  As it says on the pack it is important that you rinse all of the product (and shrunken colour molecules) from the hair otherwise the colour will remain in the hair.  I set the timer on my iPhone, and there was almost a water-related iPhone accident, so I would suggest an egg timer is a safer bet!  I did notice that my hair had a slightly eggy aroma (never thought i'd type those words on my blog!!) for the next few washes but only when it was wet, thankfully!

So after an hour of cooking with a tesco bag over my head (please watch the's worth it just for that!) and what seemed like an eternity of rinsing, here is the 'after' shot!
Holy Shamoley!  I was blown away with how much colour it removed!  I was also surprised with how even the colour was, I guess I expected it to be patchy but thankfully it wasn't.  My hair afterwards didn't feel damaged or dry which was another thing I expected.  It does look brassy in the picture which I was expecting, but it actually toned down after a few washes.  Overall I would say this is a great, unique product which really works and is reasonably priced (I paid £9.99).  It is available in Boots and Superdrug.

Here's my video demo and review!

Have you tried this?  What do you think?



  1. I really want to give one of these colour removers a go because of all the colour build up in my hair but I'm a bit scared to.

    Did it burn or itch at all during the hour?

  2. Hi! I tagged you for the 11 questions tag!

  3. WOah! That is such a good color on you!
    Great post!


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