Monday, February 6, 2012

Monday Manicure #2

Afternoon all!

I'm back with another Monday Manicure and more glitter! I can't get enough of the stuff at the moment! On my nails today is Facets of Fuschia by Revlon which is a black base with large an small Fuschia glitter particles. I seriously love how this applies and it looks amazing on the nails!

I do wonder why us poor Brits miss out on all the lovely glitter polishes Revlon release (namely Starry Pink and Whimsical). Surely the fact that Facets of Fuschia was selling out left, right and centre must tell them how much we love sparkly nails?! Sort it out Revlon!

Now, onto the pictures taken, as always, with the iPhone! :)



  1. Ah! Fun! I got a polish so similar to that on Monday as well! It looks lovely.


  2. I love manicures with glitter! <3


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