Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Glitter Tips!

Well, we are right slap bang in the middle of the party season and this is all the excuse I need to crack out the glitter nail polishes! There is nothing more festive than a bit of nail bling! It can all turn a bit nasty when it comes to removing it's like it's welded onto your nails and I make a right mess!

So I got to thinking...maybe I could have a bit of glitter on my nails which is relatively painless to remove and that's when I came up with this!

It's a kind of glitter tip French manicure of sorts! I basically just freehand painted the tips with a glitter polish (the best technique is to kind of carefully blob it onto the tips) and then painted with a couple if good coats of topcoat. This way, my poor nails get a bit of a break and the removal is a bit easier than having all ten nails fully coated with glitter polish!

I must admit I can't stop looking at them and am already eyeing up my glitter polish stash to see what colour is next...I'm thinking red glitter!

Have you tried this? And do you have any tips for glitter polish removal?!!

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