Thursday, July 2, 2009


So I have completely been slacking on the blogging front! The thing is, I have lots to blog about, just no time to do it! We have been experiencing a bit of a heatwave in Scotland at the moment, which is rare! When it does happen, everyone wants to sit around in front of fans and not do much else (or maybe that's just me?!)

A few weeks ago a took a trip into Glasgow, with the view to picking up some MAC Style Warriors goodies. I experienced the usual 'excited-tummy' feeling upon entering but after wandering around for a good 15 minutes, I came out empty handed. Concerned, I quickly headed for SpaceNK but alas after another 10 minutes spent swatching every product in the place, I came out sans pretty white SpaceNK bag filled with goodies. I was starting to panic! Had I lost my make-up mojo?!

In a last ditch attempt to kick start my addiction, I headed to the Debenhams beauty hall and made a beeline for the Illamasqua counter. I was presented with rows upon rows of the most beautiful eyeshadows, blushes, lip and nail products. I was greeted by Natalie, who works on the counter. She has the skin of skin every girl would be jealous of; the colour of caramel and not a flaw in sight! She was also super nice and remembered me from the first time i'd gone in, not long after they opened in Glasgow! I was being drawn to all the pretty blushes so explained that i'd like to try one which gave me a fresh, rosy colour. Natalie asked if I had any colour preference, to which I responded that i'd perhaps like a peach colour. She picked out 2 for me to try, Lover, a pretty peachy apricot shade and Hussy, a gorgeous vibrant pink shade - neither of which I had anything like in my current make-up stash!

She asked if i'd like to try them and sat me down. She applied the first, Lover, and I thought it was very pretty on. Then she tried Hussy, and I also thought it was lovely. In the end, being a Libran and completely lacking in the ability to make decisions, I bought both! She also complimented me on my eye make-up (I had used the Pur Minerals palette) which was very sweet of her! She then tried on one of their pure pigments on my eyes, it was a light green colour, and very pretty! Then she used Mistress lipgloss, mixed with a bit of clear gloss! One word, GORGEOUS! Both products are now firmly placed on my Illamasqua wish list, which is growing daily!!

I have not stopped using these blushes since getting them. I use one or the other, and sometimes I mix them, because i'm like that! They are incredibly finely milled and blend with hardly any effort. The colour payoff is incredible, you need the tiniest amount on a brush (and that's coming from someone who's a bit of a blush addict and doesn't know when to stop!). The packaging is also very stylish, which is a bonus!

So, thanks to Illamasqua for re-igniting my make-up passion! And thanks to Natalie at the Glasgow counter for being so nice! I gave her my blog and YouTube address, so maybe she is even reading this! I will definitely be back!

Lover on your left hand side and Hussy on your right-hand side
Hussy in natural light
Lover in natural light
Have you tried Illamasqua products? What did you think of them?


  1. love the blush on you!, i have the double bronzer/highlighter from the sirens collection, hunger cream e/s which i sent to a friend as it creased too much for me and 2 of the fat eye pencils which i have a huge amount of so they are on my blog sale, love there stuff but no counter here near northampton so its ordering online as I never go to London.. get lost too easily lol

  2. :O there's an illamasqua counter in Glasgow??
    How did I have no idea about this!?! Glad I came across your blog as now I can plan my purchases for when I have money :)
    I'm loving lover blush!

  3. These are gorgeous - firmly going on my Wishlist!


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